Conversion Kits are now available.

Kits are 100% bolt in. No welding.

All kits include Bosch Hydraulic brake booster for dramatically improved braking
performance. But ABS / TCS will be non-functional.

Complete kit for just $6800 (Sorry material costs have gone up) contains
everything needed to install your LS1 / T56 and turn your E36 into an M3 killer.

Everything you need including bolts, nuts, wires, connectors, hoses, clamps,
brackets, tie straps, and wire loom is included. (Motor and Trans not included)

And of course step by step detailed instructions broken into 3 sections.
1.        Prepare the car
2.        Prepare the motor
3.        Install the motor
Kit Includes:
Booster with Mounting Plate                
Brake Line Adapters                
Brake Pedal (Core Required)             
Brake Pedal Bracket (Core Required)               
Hydroboost brake and power steering lines, fittings and adapters
Power steering fluid filter
Power steering cooler integrated into the radiator.                

ABS mounting bracket & fasteners                

Engine / Transmission                                
Motor mount struts
M3 Motor Mounts   
Transmission mount             
Tunnel closeout                                
Custom Driveshaft                
Bolts and fasteners                
Throttle cable                
Throttle cable bracket                

Long Tune Equal Length Stainless Steel Headers
Header bolts             

Fluid Reservoir, bracket, and adapters                

Electrical Center including relays, fuses and circuit breakers to power the              
LS1, fans and accessories
Electrical connectors                
8 pin        Engine harness to body
2 pin        AC Comp
2 pin        BU Switch
2 pin        BU wires to BMW
Wire Loom                
3 Conductor wire for heater control valve                
Misc connectors
Optional:  VATS / Dual O2 override module               

Heater Hoses, clamps and couplers                
Custom Radiator                
Heater Control Valve Mounting Bracket, Nuts, Bolts                
Head vent hose & clamps                
Overflow hose                
Upper Radiator Hose                
Lower Radiator Hose                
16" cooling fan                

Fuel System                        
Pressure regulator, fittings, mounting bracket, hoses & clamps                

90 degree bend fitted for MAF                
3 1/2" Si tubing - 9"                
K&N Air filter                
Cold air Box                

Heat Protection                        
Steering shaft fire sleeve - upper                
Steering shaft fire sleeve - lower                               

AC (Optional)                        
Adapter pipe                
AC Hoses & pipes                
Pressure Transducer        
Conversion Kits
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