Remove vacuum booster
Remove pedal
Fabricate mounting plate for Mustang hydroboost
Modify pedal to accept eyelet style booster rod
Install hydroboost and master cylinder
Make new brake lines
Either remove ABS modulator or move to new location

Engine / Transmission        
Fabricate motor mounts
Fabricate transmission mount
Remove lugs from transmission for clearance to tunnel
Drill and tap right head to accept BMW temp sensor
Install BMW temp sender
Drill, tap, and install oil pressure sensor
Enlarge shifter hole in BMW 2" rearward
Fabricate shifter

Modify rear crossmember to accept Ford Explorer 8.8" diff
Modify Ford diff front mount to fit into rear crossmember
Use sanding disc on grinder to tweak diff housing as necessary
Custom half shafts
Custom drive shaft

Fabricate headers
Insulate headers

Mount fcar clutch reservoir just above hydroboost
Run line from reservoir to inlet on BMW clutch master cylinder
Cut and splice BMW clutch line to fcar clutch line

Mount PCM in BMW PCM hole
Fabricate cover to hold PCM in place
Mount fcar electrical center
Install VATS override and second O2 override (if using)
Mount diagnostic connector in back of glove box
Rebuild harness
Run power to fcar electrical centers
Connect key on power from BMW to electrical center
Connect start power from BMW to electrical center
Connect fcar fan wires to puller fans on radiator
Connect alternator output to battery + on electrical center
Connect ground wire to engine block

Power steering        
Make lines that connect LS1 ps pump to hydroboost and back to                 
BMW rack

Install 2 10" puller fans on M3 radiator
Install M3 radiator
Install overflow bottle
Connect LS1 head vent tube to small vent connector on M3 radiator
Make upper radiator hose with fill port.
Make lower radiator hose from existing (can't remember what the              
donor hose was)

Not done yet
Conversion Summary