So now the drive line. I have decided to use a Ford 8.8" center unit
and half shafts from a 2002 Explorer. I decided on the Ford unit
for a couple of reasons. The 8.8" is nearly bullet proof and after
market parts are readily available for 1/4 the cost of M3 stuff. The
mounting configuration of the Explorer unit is similar to the stock
BMW. I was able to find a low mileage 3.73 limited slip unit off
ebay for 80 bucks!! Try to find anything close to this strong from
BMW and it will cost you a grand!

Mounting the diff into the BMW carrier took a little fabrication. I
had to enlarge the hole that the diff nose fits through by lowering
the bottom section.
CCI Driveline shortened the Explorer half
shafts and modified the outer joint to mate up to the BMW bearing
stub shafts.  CCI also made a 3" aluminum drive shaft for the

With the drivetrain now bullet proof there is no reason to hold
back. This bad boy is going to be in the 11's by the end of the
summer. I have CNC ported 5.3L heads  and 232/238 cam on
order. Shooting for 450 streetable RWHP. This Bimmer is going to