Motor mounts need to be fabricated and the crossmember modified / reinforced to
accept motor mounts. Mounting tubes and reinforcements were welded into the
crossmember to provide structurally sound attachment points for the motor mounts.
When the motor mounts are bolted to the crossmember the strength and stiffness of
the crossmember is increased significantly.

Transmission mount was fabricated to attach to the six weld nuts used for stock BMW
transmission mount.

Headers – If you enjoy a good challenge then building headers should be right up your
alley but you might consider finding a custom fabricator to do the dirty work. If you
elect to build them yourself,
Stainless Works carries all of the stuff you'll need. I
almost hate to show pictures of the UGLY mig welding but here it is anyhow. View at
your own risk! It is scary ugly!!

On the passenger side I decided to tack the tubes in place and let a talented welder
TIG them. Yea..... that’s the ticket! Nice thought but impatience got the best of me
and I mig welded them myself.

Electrical centers from the fcar are mounted in the engine compartment off a simple T
bracket that is bolted to existing brackets.

Brake pedal had to be modified to accept the eyelet style pushrod from the Mustang
hydroboost unit and the mounting plate on the hydroboost had to be replaced with a
flat plate. This is a nice fit into the E36 chassis and leaves room to mount the facr
clutch fluid resvoir above the booster.

Drive Shaft