Original car is running a stock '98 Camaro LS1
with Z06 intake, ported throttle body, Granatelli
MAF, long tube headers, 18" all season tires.

Track Results:        12.7 @113 mph, 2.1 60'
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So why a Chevy LS1 in a BMW? Simple. Horsepower, torque and lots
of it from a relatively light weight powerplant. The LS1 that came in
the camaros, firebirds, corvettes, and now in the new GTO is an all
aluminum small block chevy gen 3 design. This gen 3 design shares
the same basic external dimensions (almost) as the gen 1 and gen 2
small blocks but was completely redesigned from a clean sheet. Sure
it is a "low tech" push rod motor but there is nothing out there that
can touch it for light weight, low cost pure raw power.

Sure we could have turbo charged the 1.8L factory motor or even
swaped in a newer M3 powerplant but there is no substitute for cubic
inches and besides who wants anything that normal! This is going to
be cool!

The final straw came when I tried to replace a starter in the bimmer.
The Germans packaged the started where the upper and lower
intake manifolds and wiring harness must be removed to service it!!
Well that was all the motivation I needed! Out with the POS four
cylinder and in with the mighty LS1.
Project Start Date January 17, 2004
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