After removing all of the original BMW stuff there is a generous motor
compartment that appeared fairly receptive to the swap but it
surprised me just how nicely the LS1/T56 combo fit into the motor
compartment and tunnel.

Dropping the motor in we placed a ¾” wood shim between the oil pan
and stock crossmember and set the motor onto the shim. This gives
adaquate clearance to set the height of the motor as low as possible
without rebuilding the crossmember. Using a floor jack to support the
transmission in the correct location the motor was in.

Inspection for clearances revealed a very
tight condition between the
right rear exhaust port and the steering intermediate shaft. With the
motor sitting centered in the car we did not feel there was any way to
fit an exhaust pipe onto this port. The only options we could think of
was to either bias the motor to the passenger side about an inch or
move the steering column firewall mount over. After much pondering
we elected to slide the motor over enough for room for a custom

Moving the motor over created some small interference between the
transmission and the tunnel. Nothing that couldn’t be relieved with
the aid of a 2 lb persuader applied firmly to the tunnel. The one thing
we missed was allowing for enough clearance to install the backup
switch wire connector to the right side of the T56. We are still
contemplating what to do about this one.

The motor was positioned as far forward in car as the stock
crossmember would comfortably allow. It is set up with about ¾”
clearance between the oil pan and crossmember.

With everything positioned where we wanted it the T56 shifter comes
remarkably close to the factory shift hole. With a little fabrication we
will be able to utilize the BMW shifter lever, boot and knob.
Fitting the Powertrain