Objective: Make lots of HP and torque and keep car
looking pretty much stock and maintain daily driveability

o        Keep factory dash and gauges
o        A-pillar mount oil pressure, oil temp, etc.
o        Fit motor under stock hood
o        Maintain excellent handling
o        Comfortable drivable everyday car
-        Air conditioning
-        Power windows
-        Power brakes
-        Power steering
o        Reliable
Phase I:          Install Stock LS1 and T56 Transmission
Phase II:        Modify Brakes, Suspension, and Differential
Phase III:      Add More Power
Phase IV:       Fix Whatever Breaks!!  
In Phase I we are going to get the car running and spend some time debugging
and finding out just what the next steps should be. I figure a stock LS1 / T56
should be enough to surprise a few people. My biggest concern is grenading the
wimpy stock rear differential. However, Walt Bainy has been running one for a
couple of years without a problem so maybe I'll make it through the summer.

We started by going on ebay and purchasing an LS1 motor and T56 six speed
tranny along with all of wiring harnesses, computer, accessory drive, fuel pump
and other misc items. The powertrain came out of an fbody and the complete
package cost $4000 including shipping.

We have decided to eliminate the catalytic converters, EGR, and AIR. To make the
vehicle emissions legal these things could be kept without too much additional
effort but since the package we bought didn't come with the AIR pump and I
didn't feel like looking for one and Michigan does not currently have emissions
inspections we decided to take the easy way out and just eliminate them. If
needed (or my conscience get to me) I'll add these back later.

A quick outline of what we expect to have to do in phase I:
1)        Remove BMW powertrain
2)        Fabricate motor mounts and transmission mount
3)        Adapt BMW shifter lever to T56 shifter
4)        Replace vacuum brake booster and install hydroboost unit
5)        Adapt BMW ac compressor to LS1
6)        Package electrical center and adapt to BMW electrical system
7)        Adapt BMW return fuel system to work with LS1 returnless fuel system
8)        Adapt OBD1 BMW emissions to fcar OBD2 emissions
9)        Adapt LS1 electronics to drive BMW gauges
10)      New radiator and electric cooling fans
11)      Add pillar gauges
12)      Drive Shaft
Getting Started