First the motor and transmission were removed. This is a mess
of a job since the wiring harness runs through the middle of the
intake manifold the intake must be removed and the motor half
dissambled to get to all of the electrical connections. I highly
recommend getting a good service manual to help lead you
through this mess.
Bently is by far the best manual out there and
has excellent wiring diagrams which are necessary to figure out
the gauges and electrical interface between the LS1 and the
BMW. This left a mess of engine harness and ECM wiring. The
wiring harness was removed by cutting wires that fed back to
the power distribution center (PDC). There is also a harness that
plugs into the PDC. All wires in this harness that went to the
motor were also cut.

Without the service manual most sensor wires that lead back to
the instrument panel can be identified if care is taken during the
tear down stage. I think the only one that can't be traced is the
tach signal.  See
electrical page for schematics and pinouts.

After removing the engine wiring harness all of the chassis and
body electrical still worked!! Whew!!!
Click on image to enlarge
Motor / Trany Removed
Close up of Wires to be
Close up of Remaining
Booster M/C ABS
Everything Removed
Next I removed all of the front suspension and stering rack.
This makes it easier to access the motor compartment when
the motor is fitted. The rack needs to be replaced anyhow so
its a lot easier now.

Last I removed the Booster, Master Cylinder, and ABS unit.
The vacuum booster and ABS were removed as there was a
hard interference with the motor. I will replace the vacuum
booster with a
compact hydraulic booster  from a 4.6L

I considered relocating the ABS but since I don't personally
like ABS and the wheel speed sensors wires had been
damaged previously I elected to remove it.
Tear It Down