Project Overkill

Since the ti went upside down and I got that out of my system I decided
it was time to build a convertible. You can't roll two in a row, right?

Problem is the convertible is a bit heavier than the ti so the car felt slow.
I didn't track it but my guess is mid 12s. Not near fast enough.

Solution: Build a 383 stroker and hang an
STS rear mount turbo on it.

The Motor
Start with an LS6 block and bore it to 3.905 to clean up the cylinders.
Add a 4" stroke Eagle forged crank, 6.125" Eagle H-Beam rods, and
Mahle forged alum 26 cc dish pistons. ARP rod bolts and the bottom end
is good for 1000+ HP.

Top the motor with CNC ported stage 2 heads from ET Performance.
Comp cams 230/230 .585 lift on a 115 lsa and LS7 high rev lifters.

Boost is provided by a Garrett GT67 unit with a .96 AR. This should be
capable of providing 15 lbs of boost. Electronic boost controller allows
for selectable boost level. 5 PSI normally switchable to 15 psi.
Intercooling will be done using a methanol injection system. If this
proves to be inadequate then an air to water system will have to be used.

The plan is to run a 4" Lingenfelter MAF on the suction side of the turbo
and use LS1 Edit to perform a MAF tune. I have decided on a MAF tune
instead of a speed density tune just because I believe the MAF tune is
more robust to changes in weather, altitude and driving conditions. The
biggest issue with a MAF tune with forced induction is pegging the MAF.
Once you flow enough air to top about 550 HP the MAF runs out of
range. Lingenfelter makes a 4" MAF that is to be good to 800 HP

If the tuning goes well this combination should yield great low end
power and should develop 700-800 HP with 15 psi boost.

Expected Completion Date June 15, 2007
Turbo Project
Nash Motorsports